Services – Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Rehersals

Music Production

We offer original music production for ALL GENRES of music.  We can help you fulfill your vision with our 15+ years of experience collaborating with indie, major and multi-platinum acts.  Click here for list of credits

Recording/Voice Over’s

The Loop features 3 separate, isolated, recording spaces.  Our large 24′ x 17′ x 14′ live room features mahogany walls, hardwood parquet floors, and a marble fireplace (for those cold lonely nights). Our largest ISO, 17′ x 12′ x 9′, tile floor with a more “live” acoustical character. And our last ISO is a smaller, 12′ x 6′ x 9′ “tight” sounding space, perfect for vocals and overdubs.


We have hundreds of major label mixes under our belt, along with a couple grammy nominated 5.1 surround releases.  We can mix in stereo, 3.1, and/or 5.1 for music, films, TV, and commercials.  You can even send your files/tapes to us via mail or upload to our ftp.  We can mix your project without you ever leaving home!

MFiTunes logoMastering

Mastering is the final stage before your music is released into the world. The accurate control room along with our trained ears will take your music to the next level!  We sequence your individual mixed songs, make transitions, match levels, and “sweeten” the audio to maximize the sound quality for your format of choice (e.g. applying specific EQ for vinyl). We also use “Mastered for iTunes” tools so you know exactly how it will sound when your fans download from iTunes.


Need to rehearse for your upcoming BIG gig?  Our live room can comfortably accomodate 8-10 musicians.  We can even record and/or film your rehearsal, so you can fine tune every aspect of your show.

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